How SunniPath Courses Work

ILM™ System Features

SunniPath's pioneering online Internet Learning Management (ILM™) System uses the latest online learning tools to make location and distance to teachers no longer an obstacle to seeking knowledge. Recorded lessons, two-way live video sessions, discussion forums, private office hours, assignments, and more, ensure that you have both an interactive learning experience and close contact with instructors, while 24-7 access to course content means that you can complete coursework whenever convenient. Supporting your progress is SunniPath's team of instructors, teaching assistants, administrative staff, technical support, and fellow students. Our unique ILM System consists of five main features:

  1. Lessons: Most courses have both pre-recorded and live lessons. Pre-recorded lessons are enhanced with slide text, diagrams, mind maps, images, and whiteboard usage. To complement the recorded lessons, there are also weekly or bi-weekly live sessions for review of key concepts and an opportunity to ask questions. Other courses are live only, where the main content of the course is delivered during the live session. During live sessions, you can interact with the instructor either with a microphone or through typing your questions into the text chat box. The instructor will respond to queries via voice. All live sessions are recorded for later review or if you miss the live class.
  2. Student Guides: At the beginning of the semester, you will receive an attractive, printable student guidebook that outlines course requirements, policies, lesson outlines, and assignments so that everything you need to excel in your course is literally at your fingertips.
  3. Continuous Self-Assessment: In a number of courses, self-assessment allows you to quickly gauge your understanding of the lesson as well as focus on the key aspects that you need to learn from the lesson. Examples include: self-study drills; e-portfolios; reflective questions; and case studies.
  4. Discussion Forums: Discussion forums are the means through which you can maintain a steady conversation with everyone else throughout the course. Posts may include interesting articles from the teacher assistants, requests to the students, and questions from the students. You are strongly encouraged to share thoughts and ask questions via the forum. You can also introduce yourself to your classmates from all over the world and get to know them in the "Meet Your Classmates" forum.
  5. Assignments: Assignments test your knowledge across a group of lessons covered in the course. The assignment varies depending mainly on the course goals and science being taught, and can be a mixture of the following: short reflective essay; comprehension questions with discussion; individual project; group project; and closed-book tests, both timed and with no time limit.

All of these above features, plus much, much more, provide our students with the best and most convenient learning experience available online. As one of our students said:

"The Sunnipath learning experience combines inspiring and knowledgeable teachers, passionate teacher assistants, vibrant discussion, engaging live sessions, and thought provoking assignments in a way that makes you forget that Sunnipath is a distance learning community. Everyone cares so much about your learning and growth that you can't help feeling inspired to learn as much as you can, and to strive to put your knowledge into action. The most exciting of the year is when the new course catalog comes out. although it's so hard trying to decide which of the many exciting courses to take.”

Shagufta Pasta, 22 - Full-time Student, Vancouver, Canada

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