Associate's Degree FAQ

About the Degree

Q. What is the difference between the Seekers Degree and the Associate's Degree?
A. The Seekers Degree is issued by SunniPath directly, whereas the Associates Degree is an accredited degree from WISE University in Jordan. Many of the courses required for each degree overlap, but there are some differences.

Q. Who accredits this degree?
A. This degree is accredited through WISE University by the Ministry of Education of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Applying and Eligibilty Requirements

Q. What is the minimum level of education required to be accepted into the program?
A. You must minimally have a high school diploma, A-levels, or equivalent (12 years of study from 1st grade) to enter the Associates Degree program. You also must have the religious knowledge taught in the Foundations Diploma or equivalent (you will need to take an entrance exam after applying).

Q. Do you accept a GED in place of a high school diploma?
A. Yes, a successfully completed GED will suffice.

Q. Can I send my diploma or transcript from my university instead of my high school?
A. Yes, you may submit a diploma and transcript from any institution above the level of high school.

Q. Can I fax or email my diploma and transcript?
A. You may fax your diploma and transcript to: +1 718 228 6993. If you have scanned copies, we encourage you to upload the files rather than email them. You can upload the files at:

Q. What does the application fee cover?
A. The $95 application fee covers the cost of applying and taking the admissions exam. Anyone who has already successfully completed the Foundations Diploma will have a reduced application fee of $70.

Q. Can I take courses now and apply to the degree program at a later date?
A. Yes, but you can only transfer up to 34 course credits into the program. Transfer fees may also apply.

Q. Do I need to complete the Foundations Diploma first? What about Arabic?
A. You may opt to take the Foundations Diploma courses and lower level Arabic courses first to prepare yourself for the Associate's Degree, but this is not a requirement. You are only required to pass the Associate's Degree entrance exam, meaning you must have knowledge equivalent to what is taught in the Foundations Diploma.

Q. Once I am accepted, do I need to register for all courses at once?
A. No. You only register for courses one semester at a time.

Q. Once I'm accepted, am I automatically registered for all courses in the program?
A. No. You must register for the courses you wish to take each semester.

Degree Completion

Q. How long will the degree take to complete?
A. Optimally it will take you 7 semesters to complete the degree. However, you may take as little or as much time as needed to complete the program as long as you don't finish in less than 3 semesters (1 academic year) or take more than 12 semesters (4 academic years) from your acceptance.

Q. Can I take a break between semesters?
A. Yes. You may space out your courses and take off semesters when needed, as long as you complete the program between 1 and 4 academic years as described above.

Q. What is the optimal number of courses I am recommended to take each semester?
A. This depends on several factors, including how much time you can dedicated to coursework each semester and your other time commitments. You may contact Academic Advising to help you work out the best arrangement for your situation.

Q. Do I need to travel to complete the program?
A. No, the program can be completed fully online, although you do have the option of completing coursework at Dar al-Tawfiq in Amman.

Q. Do I need to take a comprehensive exam after completing all required coursework?
A. Yes, you will be required to take a written final comprehensive exam before being awarded the Associate's Degree. You may also be required to sit for an oral exam. This will not require any travel.


Q. What courses am I required to take to complete the Associate's Degree?
A. Please see the Associate's Degree courses page.

Q. Will you be offering every course each semester? How often will courses be offered?
A. Certain courses will be offered every semester, and most will be offered at least once during an academic year.

Q. Can I take courses at Dar al-Tawfiq?
A. Yes, Dar al-Tawfiq courses can be used to complete the Associate's Degree requirements.

Q. Do I have to take courses in a particular order?
A. Unless a pre-requisite is specified, courses may be taken in any order.

Q. Can I place out of a course?
A. Yes. You can take course-specific placement exams for up to half of the required courses. Placement test fees may apply.

Q. Can I transfer courses from another institution?
A. No. Courses may not be transferred from other institutions, but you may take a placement exam for each course you wish to place out of.

Q. Can I transfer between SunniPath-certified degrees and WISE-accredited degrees?
A. Yes, you simply need to apply to the degree program you wish and up to 50% of courses taken with SunniPath or Dar al-Tawfiq will be applied towards that degree program automatically. A 20% fee for each course you are transferring will apply.

Q. What about courses I have taken previously with SunniPath?
A. Yes, but you can only transfer up to 34 successfully completed course credits into the program. A 20% transfer fee may also apply.

Q. How do I successfully pass a course?
A. You must achieve a mark of 65% to complete the course successfully.

Q. How am I graded?
A. Every course has assignments, a mid-term, and a final exam. Your overall grade for a course is based on 20% for assignments and attendance, 20% for the mid-term exam, and 60% for the final exam.

Q. What if I fail a course?
A. If you fail a course, you must retake the entire course unless the teacher gives you an "incomplete." In this case, you can retake just the examination.

Q. Are there any other academic policies I should be aware of?
A. You can find our academic policies here.


Q. What is the tuition for the Associate's Degree?
A. The tuition fee for Associate's Degree courses is $275US for most courses and $450US for Arabic, Tajweed, and 200-level Law courses.

Q. Can I get any tuition discounts?
A. SunniPath's standard country, study circle, and repeat discounts can be applied to courses registered for when enrolled in the Associate's Degree.

Q. Can I pay using the payment plan?
A. Yes, you can pay your tuition fee with our 3-easy payments plan.

Q. Can I get financial aid to cover the tuition fee for my entire degree program?
A. We are working towards a degree-level Financial Aid program, but this is not available currently. We encourage you to find sponsors to support your study. You may, however, apply for financial aid each semester for a maximum of one course per semester. Check the financial aid page for more information.

Q. Can I use federal aid towards this degree?
A. This depends on your University or the institution issuing the federal aid. Please follow up with them directly to determine if this is possible.

After Completion

Q. What can I do at the end of this degree?
A. At the end of this degree, you can either continue on to pursue a Bachelors Degree or feel confident that you have the foundational knowledge needed to study privately with scholars.

Q. Can I transfer credits/courses to my university?
A. We can provide you with an official transcript, but transfer acceptance will depend on your institution you are transferring to.

Q. Can I continue on to do a Bachelors Degree at any university or transfer my degree to my local university?
A. Transferring the degree to your local university should work the same as all other international degree transfers. Contact your university for more details.

Q. Is this degree considered an 'Ijaza' or license to teach others?
A. No, this is not considered an Ijaza or a license to teach others.


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