Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

SunniPath Academy Teacher

Zaynab Ansari (Umm Salah) comes from a Lebanese-American and African-American background. In 1996, Zaynab’s parents relocated the family to Damascus, Syria, where Zaynab and her younger sister spent four years studying sacred knowledge. During that time, Zaynab obtained a Thanawiyya Shar’iyyah (equivalent to a secondary school diploma) with distinction from Abu Nour Islamic Foundation. There, she was acquainted with the major Islamic sciences, including Arabic, Qur’anic exegesis, Qur’anic recitation, Shafi’i fiqh, sira, hadith, hadith classification, inheritance law, and theology. Her teachers included Ustadh Adnan al-Azmeh, Ustadha Sousan Falah, Ustadha Sanaa, Ustadha Huda al-Habash, Ustadha Samar, and the master Qur’an reciter Shaykh Muhammad al-Sukkar. Zaynab also spent a year studying advanced Arabic at the University of Damascus.

Upon returning to the United States, Zaynab continued her Islamic studies with Sidi Khalil Abdur-Rashid, who studied with traditional scholars in Yemen and Turkey. She also earned a B.A. in History and a B.I.S. in Middle Eastern Studies at Georgia State University, graduating summa cum laude. She has received a number of scholarships, including the Faculty Scholarship Award, the Honors Alumni Scholarship, and the Phi Alpha Theta Award. Zaynab also worked extensively with the MSA at her previous school, Georgia Perimeter College.

In her free time, Zaynab enjoys volunteering for the Islamic Speakers Bureau and writing for Azizah Magazine. She is one of the main teachers behind the SunniPath Answers service, and her answers are highly popular because of their knowledge, wisdom, and sensitivity. She has both taught and TA’d courses at SunniPath Academy. Zaynab is passionate about contributing to an enhanced understanding of Islam in America, with a particular emphasis on the achievements of Muslim women. She is married with one son and one daughter, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA

Courses Taught:

Spring 2009 Courses
  1. Essentials of Islam (Hanafi) (Associate Teacher)
  2. Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi
Other Courses Previously Taught
  1. Basic Arabic Reading
  2. Introduction to Islamic Belief (Associate Teacher)
  3. Ramadan & You

What Her Students Say:

“Ustadha Zaynab was wonderful, mashaAllah :)! She was so helpful and kind. I hope to take a course with her again in the future. She's patient, kind, and she answers any questions you have about the hadiths, the translation, context, you name it. She replied to what we said on forum posts and she helped us want to benefit from the knowledge we gained. It just felt like everyone was on a mission to learn and gain knowledge and apply it in our lives and she made that interest come alive.”
Sharmin Hakim
Undergrad Student, Hamtramck, USA

“She was patient, and I admired her for her kindness she displayed and how she made herself accessible.”
Francine Dennis
Family Daycare Provider, Philadelphia, USA

“My immediate instructor, Ustadha Zeynab Ansari, was a wonderful instructor alhamdulilah. She was friendly which helped with comfort levels and ease tension and anxieties and helped make her approachable when I was having questions/problems. I found her articulation clear and understandable and relating what we were learning to specific Quranic examples of added value.”
Andrew Coates
Turners Falls, USA

“She made time for me outside regular office hours, was incredibly patient with me, and encouraged me very much.”
Minerva Kalenandi
hillsboro, USA

“Ustadha Zaynab always come well prepared with the lessons and enthusiastic about her students learning.”
Aisha Othman
Attorney, Oceanside, USA

“Masah'Allah Ustadha Zaynab is a very erudite and articulate teacher.”
Nagina Razaq
Slough, UK

“Ustadha Zaynab was aways on deck to assist the students with any queries or questions.”
Aminudin Abd Majid
Parole Officer, Sydney, Australia

“Ustadha Zaynab is doing an excellent job, may Allah reward her... Her organization is excellent. I love the discussion questions she had that made you think.”
Umm Thabit Zainab Ahmed
Homemaker, Seattle, USA

“Ustadha Zaynab is one of the best teachers I have had. She is very professional, humble and conducts classes in a manner which I find appealing. She tries to explain things in ways that everyone understands and makes sure that she explains a certain thing till one understands. Learning from her is a tremendous blessing.”
Basim Salim
Student, Markham, Canada

“I was impressed with her knowledge of Islam in general and how she would relate from other sources information that was pertinent to the lesson. She is very friendly and welcoming and all the information is given in a very well organized manner.”
Shannen Espelien
Technical Support Supervisor, Burnsville, USA

“Ustadha Zaynab, MashAllah has so much patience. Even if any of the students had a hard time understanding something or if people asked the same questions over and over again, she was so nice and well-versed when providing the answers.”
Saman Faruqui
Student, Gainesville, USA

“Repeated central important things several times, gave opportunity to ask if there were questions, the slides were very clear and made it easy to understand. The questions were answered in detail.”
Muzakar Amin
Student, Oslo, Norway

“Ust Zainab was also very good at passing on the knowledge in a manner which was precise, however not complicated. She spoke very clear and down to the point, and had an attitude of wanting to teach, which obviously was reflected through her classes.”
Qamar Ali
Shop Assistant, Oslo, Norway

“She is very knowledgable in Tajweed. And her pronounciation is very clear and concise. She also indulges us in a little more information about Arabic grammar. Definitely extremely patient.”
Farah Chaudhry
Chief Cardiac Physiologist, London, UK

“Ustadha Zaynab presented the information in a clear and coherent way, and she was always ready to answer questions or to acquire answers if she wasn't sure.”
Muhaafiz Khan
Teacher; Washington, DC; USA

“Ustadah Zainab Ansari was brilliant, Mashallah, May Allah reward her for her efforts and the patience she had. She was very clear at all times and her support was very valuable along with her encouragement.”
Hajra Azim
Housewife, Slough, UK

“Ustadha Zaynab was very active on the forums as well and was a very lovely teacher.”
Asra Anjam
Student, Sydney, Australia

“She was very knowledgeable, mashaAllah.”
Shannen Espelien
Technical Support Supervisor, Bursnville, USA

“She was a very well knowledgeable instructor, very well spoken, very professional and at the same time compassionate and kind.”
Nishaat Bhathija
Physical Therapist, Smithtown, USA

“Ustadha Zaynab was very pleasent and knowledgable masha'Allah...I always felt I was able to ask her my queries no matter what they were.”
Nancy Kamal
Research Associate, London, UK

“Ustadha Zaynab is such a gentle, kind and considerate lady, Alhamdulillah. She is very easy to interact with... a lot of questions were answered and doubts and confusions sorted out.”
Hajira Mahomed
Medical Doctor, Cape Town, South Africa

“Ust. Zaynab speaks very well and has clearly explained tough questions put forward to her.”
Imran Hawa
Student, London, UK

“She is very kind and always ready to help.”
Juliana Araujo
Teacher, Hamilton, USA

“She was wonderful”
Tasneem Mohamed
Student Counselor, Burlington, USA

“Ustadha Zaynab was really great! She is an amazing teacher, really nice! Loved her teaching style, very clear and concise!”
Basim Salim
Marketing Assistant, Markham, Canada

“I thought Ustadha Zaynab was AMAZING. She was very clear in her explanations, she wasted no time, and handled the live sessions very well. Masha Allah she is extremely knowledgable, May Allah reward her in her efforts--Ameen.”
Fiona Motala
Homemaker, Victorville, USA

“Zaynab was extremely good teacher, she answered all students questions in detail, and if she didn't know or wasn't sure, she would find out for us. She also did a great glossery of terms for me has I didn't understand some of the terminology. I can print it out and it will be very helpfull in future courses.”
Kayleigh Robinson
Sales Assistant, Keighley, UK

“Ustadha Zaynab is a great teacher (Masha'Allah) who understands the variability of students and thus goes out of her way to help each student according to their needs. May Allah preserve her in much good. Allahumma Ameen.”
Asma Arif
Orthoptist, Peterborough, UK

“Alhamdulilah, I have had Ustadha Zaynab for three courses, and she does a great job.”
Sultan Ghuman
Student, Upper Darby, USA

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