Abu Omar Abdurrahman Borrás

SunniPath Academy Teacher

A convert to Islam who has himself travelled the demanding path of mastering Arabic and tajweed as an adult, Ustadh Abu Omar brings a gentle and encouraging demeanor in helping students master the reading of the Arabic language and learning the beginnings of proper Quran recitation.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Ustadh Abu Omar traded his work in emergency pediatrics at one of America's top hospitals to become a student of traditional Islam. He now lives with his wife and children in Amman, where he obtained ijazas for teaching tajweed of the Quran and studied a number of classical texts. He currently studies at a local university and privately with the local scholars, and teaches Arabic and Tajweed on SunniPath.

Ustadh Abu Omar Fact Sheet:

Full Name: Aburrahman Borrás
Kunya: Abu Omar
Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain
Current Residence: Amman
Ethnicity: Spaniard
Languages: Spanish, English, Arabic
Year of Conversion: Mid-90s
College Education: Medical Doctor, Mexican National University, 2002
Work Experience: Research Coordinator at Texas Children's Hospital Emergency Center; Unit Director, General Medical Surgeon, Public Health Department of the Government of the State of Mexico; Intern, Mexican Institute of the Social Security (IMSS); Research Collaborator, Research Center at Tlalpan Mexico City
Translations into Spanish: Curso Básico de Lectura en Lengua Árabe (Basic Arabic Reading Course); Explicación del Poema de Tuhfat ul Atfali del Imam Yamzuri (Explanation of tajweed poem); Explicación del Poema Al- Yazariya (Explanation of tajweed poem); Al Itqaan (Certain pronunciations of the Quran); Una amplia carta y un benéfico recordatorio (Sharh Rislat ul Jamiah)
Favorite Hobbies: Every Spaniard's hobby—football (soccer)

Islamic Education:
Arabic: Graduated from Arabic Program at Qasid Institute
Quran Recitation: Full review of the Quran with Sheikh Nidal Abu Sininah
Ijazas in Tajweed texts with Sh Sulayman Van Ael and Sh Abdullah Abu Sininah: Riwayt Hafs 'an 'Asim; Tuhfat ul A'tfali; Al Jazariyah; and Al Itqaan
Other Classical Texts and Commentaries Studied:
Al- Ajrumiyah (Arabic Grammar with Sh. Sohail Hanif)
Al- Azhariyah (Arabic Grammar with Sh. Sohail Hanif)
Taisir al Balaga (Rhetoric with Ust. Ahmad Snobar)
Al Waraqat (Usul ul Fiqh with Sh. Hamza Karamali)
Al-Kharidat ul Bahiyah (Aqueedah with Sh. Hamza Karameli)
Sharh Tahfat ul A'tfali (Tajweed with Sh. Sulayman Van Ael)
Sharh al Jazariyah (Tajweed with Sh. Sulayman Van Ael)
Al Munir (Tajweed with Sh. Abdullah Abu Sininah)
Nihal ur Rajah min Safinat ul Najah (Fiqh with Sh. Abdullah Abu Sininah)
Risalat ul Jamiyah (Fiqh with Sh. Hamza Karamali)
Kitab al Hikam (with Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller)
Courses and Seminars: Deen Intensive, Houston 2004; Rihla Program, Medina 2006

Courses Taught:

Summer 2010 Courses
  1. Basic Arabic Reading
  2. Introductory Arabic 1
  3. Introductory Tajweed
  4. The Supplications of the Daily Prayer
Spring 2010 Courses
  1. Basic Arabic Reading
  2. Introductory Tajweed

Courses Taught:

Fall 2009 Courses
  1. Introductory Tajweed
Previous Courses
  1. Basic Arabic Reading
  2. Introductory Tajweed
  3. Introductory Arabic 1

What His Students Say:

“Ustadh Abu Omar was very kind and inspirational. Benefited a lot from his instructions. I admire his constant smile on his face.”
Rishath Rias
Software Engineer, USA

“Alhamdulillah, I was very fortunate I had Ustadh Abu Omar Borras as my instructor.”
Shahedul Islam
Marketing Communications Manager, Sydney, Australia

“My favorite thing about (Abu Omar) was his friendly, welcoming demeanor in class. I was really nervous to use the microphone for some reason, but he made me feel more comfortable.”
Andrea Cluck
Teacher, Madrid, Spain

“I had the pleasure to have some classes with Ustz Abu Omar. Beautiful recitation. Very encouraging, and pushed me a little bit more which is quite good. Made me read lots!”
Farah Chaudhry
Chief Cardiac Physiologist, London, UK

“He involved everyone in the class and he gave encouragement even when we are struggling.”
Kebba Mass
Nursing, Atlanta, USA

“Ustadh Abu Omar gave encouragement when it was due and motivation when it was needed. He corrected us in such a way that it wouldn't discourage us; instead, it would give us motivation to practice and get better.”
Muhaafiz Khan
Teacher; Washington, DC; USA

“I think that Abu Umar Borras is a wonderful instructor. May Allah bless him tremendously.”
Hawwah Abdullah
Tuscon, USA

“AbuBorras was nice Masha"Allah and had a high energy level during the class. I felt that this helped to motivate me and the other sisters. He always reminded you of why it was important to learn to recite the Qur'an correctly.”
Khalida Ismael
Volunteer Teacher, Washington, DC, USA

“Ustadh Abu Omar teaches in a gentle and most encouraging manner, and always with a smile! I made incredible progress very quickly.”
Mahbuba Miah
Sussex, UK

“Sidi Borras' enthusiam was motivating and added an element of love for the Qur'an and its recitation. I look forward to being his student again, insha'Allah.”
Nosheen Ayyub
Software Developer, Manchester, UK

“Sh. Abu Omar Borras is very good at encouraging students, and being knowledgable of what level each particular student is at in his or her recitation.”
Corey Peagler

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