How do regular users of SunniPath Answers describe their experience?

«Simply put, I like almost everything about it. It is a much needed service and the quality is simply stunning. Even though the people answering the questions must have a lot to do, considering the vast number of questions they daily receive, the answers are always reliable, to the point and containing brilliant details of Islamic scholarship. And the answers are always formulated in a tone of love and respect, along with the endless patience when some of the questions are bothersome. Thus, it's a service that sets the visitor on the site in contact with traditional Sunni Islam, on an academic and scholarly level - which is a great blessing to Muslims all over the world. In short, it's a service that I could not be without and a service that I always recommend my friends and relatives to learn from. Indeed, I have nothing but prayers and good wishes to those who spend their time and energy on doing this great service to not only Muslims, but indeed the humanity at whole. I simply love the Sunnipath Answers service, and pray that Allah will let it continue servicing the needful Umma of our beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace).»
— Imran Munir Hussain, Website Programmer and Student, Copenhagen, Denmark

«In this age, when it is difficult to find traditionally-trained scholars in every town, it is a relief to know that with the click of a few fingertips, I can have my fiqh questions answered by educated, compassionate, and reliable teachers. You get the sense that there is a living heart, full of mercy and understanding for the issues we face in this modern world, behind the Q and A's. I am never hesitant to forward on Sunnipath responses to friends and family, knowing that the answers are based on sound scholarship, written with humility and gentleness...not to mention written with an ear for good English and proper grammar too, alhamdulillah!»
Hina Khan-Mukhtar, Homeschooler Mom of 3, California, USA

«The most beneficial aspect of the SunniPAth Answers service for me has been accessibility, whereby one can find authoritative responses to questions of fiqh that one comes across on a day-to-day basis. I have lost count the number of times that SunniPath Answers has cleared up fiqh related issues for me, which have made my practice of the faith easier. For most people having a personal relationship with a religious scholar who is versed in fiqh is not such an easy matter, and so SunniPath Answers fulfills a tremendous need in society by enabling people to clear up fiqh issues that they come across. When I have tried other venues on the internet providing a similar Answers service I have found them to be wanting.»
Ahmed Naeem Azam, Senior Systems Analyst, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

«It is apparent that the persons answering Fiqh questions are well grounded in Islamic education. They firmly stick to the Sunni methodology, something which is very important in this day and age. Authentic teachings about Islam are increasingly difficult to come across on the internet, as the number of websites with unauthentic teachings are great in number. The dissemination of true teachings in line with the understanding of the majority of the scholars from all ages is one of the most beneficial services anyone could possibly provide to the Muslim community.»
 — Faisal Shah, PhD Student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

«I like the fact that one is able to ask anything and everything whilst remaining totally anonymous. Modern day society dictates many issues that lead to ambiguity and confusion for British Muslims, and thus the SunniPath service is unique and irreplaceable. I am a young Muslim female who has no immediate elders to guide/advise on issues of concern. Therefore to know that all questions will be answered so thoroughly gives me peace of mind. I value the diversity of issues and the accessibility of questions and answers. Personally I feel a sense of belonging when using SunniPath. The Q & A service allows me to feel as though I am not alone in wondering certain things or worrying about issues. I feel a sense of empathy as I read through other peoples questions, and I have to say that the guidance and advice given is so well researched and thought out that I have come to highly respect all the advisors who spend so much time and effort in answering these questions.»
— Sumera Ashraf, Hostel Support Worker with Young Homeless People, Lancashire, England

«I love the Answers service because it lets me search and find answers to questions I need guidance on in daily issues of life, and some more general issues that I'm unclear about in the religion. There are so many sources on the internet that don't have the kind of scholarly backing that SunniPath has, and many people can be led to wrong beliefs and bid’ah by either following their own judgment or being misled by incorrect rulings. The answers provided at SunniPath, however, are exhaustive, well-researched, well-written, and always in keeping with both the spirit of Islam and the letter of the law. None of the answers have ever been apologetic or curt even in the face of sometimes leading questioning or some questioners being downright rude, which is very heartening. Also, the proof they provide in every answer shows the backing and pedigree they bring to the table.»
Gauher Aftab Ahmad, Marketing Professional, Illinois, USA

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