Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael

SunniPath Academy Teacher

Shaykh Sulayman was born in Belgium in and converted to Islam at the age of 19. Subsequently, he memorized the entire Qur'an and studied Arabic, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Mustalah Hadith, and Aqida in Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Shaykh Sulayman then travelled to Jordan where he studied Usul al-Deen and Hadith at Zarqa University. He also received authorization to teach Arabic from the director of the Arabic language department at Jordan University.

Shaykh Sulayman is authorized in all 7 recitations of the Qur'an. He also has teaching authorizations in a number of other subjects, including Usul al-Fiqh, Mustalah Hadith, Fiqh, 'Aqeeda, and the Arabic language. Shaykh Sulayman was an official imam and Friday prayer speaker of the Jordanian government and has taught at 'Anwar 'Ulema Institute and lectured at Balqa' University and several local mosques. He currently lives in Belgium, where in addition to teaching for SunniPath, he teaches a number of classes locally at a high school and Islamic center.

Shaykh Sulayman Fact Sheet:

Full Name: Sulayman Van Ael
Kunya: Abul Awlad
Place of Birth: Belgium Antwerp
Places Lived: Belgium, England, Emirates, Comoros, Jordan
Current Residence: Belgium
Ethnicity: Belgian
Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), French (very fluent), English (fluent), Arabic (very fluent)
Year of Conversion: 1996
Favorite Books: Minhajul 'Abidin from Al-Ghazali; Maximen from the french philosopher La Rochefoucauld
Favorite Hobbies: Reading and playing with my kids
Books Published: Arabic: Tajweed Made Easy (not yet published); Dutch: Advice for a Sister, The Beauty of Islam, How to Become the Best Servant, Islam and Money, A Journey Thru the World of the Tongue, The Biggest Worry and the Greatest Sorrow, The Danger of Extremism and Radicalism, Let Us Learn from Each Other, Arabic Made Easy, Advice That Can Change Your Life, Golden Advice; Translated to Dutch: O Brothers Be Brothers, The True Intention, Judgment Day, Night Prayer, Weakness of Faith, Ask Allah, The Danger of Money and Honor, Sickness: A Blessing or a Punishment, Introduction to Islamic Knowledge, Two Hungry Wolves, Advice for Muslims, The Citadel of a Muslim, Contentment with the Decree of Allah, The Danger of Sinning, Garden of the Pious, The Companions of the Koran
Particularly Passionate About: Reading
Previous Teaching Experience: Imam for the government of Jordan; lectured at Balqa University; taught Koranic recitations at Anwar 'Ulema Institute; taught Seera and grammar at Babul Qurb; taught Tuhfatul Atfal, jazariya, itqan, and a portion of the shatibiya in Jordan.
Currently Also Teaching: Aqida, hadith, seera, Koranic science, and evolution of fiqh at the EH High School in Belgium; Maliki fiqh, Stories of the Prophets, Ajurrumiya and Balagha at a center in Belgium

Islamic Education:
: Memorized the Quran at the University of Khartoum and in Belgium using the old-fashioned way of lawh (tablets).
Quranic Recitation: Studied the recitations with different mashayikh, but my foremost shaykh is Qari Tawfiq Ibrahim Damra of the Husayni Mosque in Amman. With him I studied the 7 qira'aat receiving ijazat through the way of Ashatibiya,and three different ways from Attayiba, as well as many different books that have to do with recitation and tajweed. I also studied with Shaykh Ahmad Jalal, the former number 1 in Jordan's Quranic recitation contest, with whom I studied b. Kathir, Susi, Abu Ja'far, and Warsh. I also studied with Shaykh Assa'di, with whom I studied a great portion of Hafs min tariq Attayyiba and read the Quran with him by heart. Finally, I studied Hafs and Shu'ba from Tariqa Shatibiya and two of the Tayyiba under Shaykh Abu 'Umar.
Arabic: Studied Arabic with teachers in Sudan, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, including the Ajurrumiyya, Hashiyatul Kafrawi, the Alfiyya of ibnu Malik, Qawafi, poetry, and Shadhal 'Arf. Received permission to teach the Arabic language from the director of the Arabic language department at Jordan University as well as ijazas from others for various texts.
Aqida: Received ijaza for Ha'iya, studied the Sharhu Tahawiya and the Kubra. Studied the names of Allah and the differences between the maturidiya, asha'ira, and mu'tazila with Dr. Talib Abu Sneena.
Hadith: Studied Fathul Bari, Alba'ithul Hathith, Takhrijul Hadith, and Taysir Mustalah Hadith, as well as Almuqidha for which I received ijaza.
Maliki Fiqh: Studied Maliki fiqh since 1997 with Mohammed al-Jazanay of Morocco, who continues to advise me in my study of Maliki fiqh until today and who has given me permission to teach Maliki fiqh. With him, I studied numerous Maliki fiqh texts, including al-Murshid al-Mu'in, the Mandhuma of Ibn Ashir, and Al-'Izziyya. I also studied Risalah al-Qayrawani with Shaykh Nur Sarkh and Sharh Mayara of the Mandhuma with Shaykh Mohammed al-Balkani.
Hanbali Fiqh: Received ijaza in Arrawd almurbi'.
Hanafi Fiqh: Studied Tuhfatul Muluk, Maraqil Falah, and a portion of Nurul Idah.
Usul al-Fiqh: Received ijaza for al-Waraqat. Studied usul at Zarqa University in Jordan from 2002-2006.
Logic: Studied the Sullam.
Tafsir: Studied the summarized version of Tafsir ibn Kathir and Zadul Masir of Ibn Al-Jawzi.
Teachers Include: Shaykh Kharraz (Kharij of Medina University); Sh. Tahar Tushkani (head of the fatwa council for Moroccans in Europe, appointed by the King of Morocco), Mohammed al-Jaznay (the Imam of 'Uthman mosque), Sh. Nur Sarkh (Kharij of alfiqh wa usuluh in Mecca), Shaykh Mohammed Al'Ayidi, Sh. Bilal Najjar, and many others.

Courses Taught:

Summer 2010 Courses
  1. 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi
  2. Essentials of Islam (Maliki)
  3. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 1
  4. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 2
  5. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 3
  6. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 1
  7. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 2
  8. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 3
  9. Introduction to Islamic Worship (Maliki) - Part 1
  10. Life of the Last Prophet (Guided Arabic Reading)
Spring 2010 Courses
  1. 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi
  2. The 99 Names of Allah
  3. Essentials of Islam (Maliki)
  4. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 1
  5. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 2
  6. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 3
  7. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 1
  8. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 2
  9. Introduction to Islamic Belief
  10. Life of the Last Prophet (Guided Arabic Reading)
  11. Stories of the Prophets (Guided Arabic Reading)
Fall 2009 Courses
  1. 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi
  2. The 99 Names of Allah
  3. Essentials of Islam (Maliki)
  4. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 1
  5. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 2
  6. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 3
  7. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 1
  8. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 2
  9. Introduction to Islamic Belief
  10. Life of the Last Prophet (Guided Arabic Reading)
  11. Stories of the Prophets (Guided Arabic Reading)
Summer 2009 Courses
  1. Essentials of Islam (Hanafi) (Associate Teacher)
  2. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 1
  3. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 2
  4. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Hafs) - Part 3
  5. Ijaza Level Tajweed (Warsh) - Part 1
  6. Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic 1
  7. Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic 2
  8. The Light of Eyes

What His Students Say:

“Sulyman Van Ael was an inspirational figure that motivated us and provided us with great spiritual and technical guidance .”
Stuart Jones
Academic, London, UK

“He was very patient with us, took all the time to give explanations to our questions and by him telling us instances of his life, I feel that he gave us moral support with which our iman would not fall if we remembered about his stories.”
Ritianne Abohason
Housewife, Birkirkara, Malta

“I did like very much that Suleman Van Ael was humble in being a teacher. And his teaching was so motivating, that it touches you deep inside your heart.”
Kashaf Akram
Business Owner, Søborg, Denmark

“Approchable, never turned a question down, humble, soft yet firm in answers.”
Mohammed Omar Hashmi
Medical, London, UK

“Shared personal experinces and made the class very much real and informative.”
Hymie Ali
Imam in Training, Winnipeg, Canada

“Masha'Allah he made me smile a few times.”
David Birch
Student, Stafford, UK

“High level of seriousness encouraged me to be more serious -straighforward. Simple delivery style easy to follow, responded well to students during live sessions.”
Rizwan Sahib
Student, Bonnyrigg, Australia

“He was great; he was friendly and made us all laugh and therefore made learning fun and easy.”
Haleema Ghafar
Student, Swindon, UK

“Like myself, Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael is a convert and in what he said I often got reminded of situations I had experienced in a similar way. He is mashaAllah a person who is strongly connected to Rasulullah, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him.”
Aisha Mueller
Teacher, Vienna, Austria

“Shaykh Sulayman gave some wonderful input and advice from a practical and spiritual point of view.”
Idris Stone
Student, London, UK

“Our teacher, Shaykh Sulayman, was very clear and structured in the course which helped me learn well. However, the thing that most effected me was his etiquette, humility, and sincere advice regarding learning of knowledge. I hope that Allah Ta'ala allows me to benefit from him.”
Abdullah Ramay
Student, Toronto, Canada

“Sh. Sulayman is a very humble man, and his method of teaching is very good in that he doesnt let anyone feel as if they are the worst student in the class.”
Zaid Farooqi
Student, Houston, USA

“Sh. Sulayman would tell short inspirational facts about scholars of the old, talk about aspects of Iman in connection with Tajweed and also to remind us that tajweed was a means of attaining the closeness and pleasure of Allah. Essentially reminding us of our original focus. That in itself gives the course and the teacher's teaching method an appeal.”
Nosheen Ayyub
Software Developer, Manchester, UK

“He explained thing very well. He motivated us with Ahadith. It was wonderful.”
Ghazala Rashid
Home maker, Karachia, Pakistan

“May Allah bless Shaykh Sulayman. I like him very much. He is fluent in English, and very easy to understand. He picks on faults in a very polite manners and corrects them.”
Shoaib Naseem
Physician, Eau Claire, USA

“Masha'Allah Shaykh Sulayman was very encouraging during live lessons. He is so humble and never lets us feel we are unable to achieve something. He would also constntly remind us about the importance of good character and lessons from some of the Surahs we covered.”
Rozina Shabbir
Charity Fundraiser, High Wycombe, UK

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